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Rules for paying for girls ' services on the site

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Payment for the girl's services by the user

You can pay for the girl's services with bunnies from your balance on the site sexZayki

Each form that accepts payments via the site can only be paid once a day. This form will contain a button "Pay from the balance". This means that you can pay with this girl from your wallet balance with bunnies.


First of all, you must understand that the payment must be agreed with the owner of the questionnaire, whose services you are going to pay for. Information that the user accepts payments through our site is visible in the parameters of her profile.

Make an appointment to pay for the service. Now everyone has smartphones and you can easily go to the questionnaire and pay for services at the meeting. Only in this case none of the parties will not be deceived.

You can pay in full or in part from your balance, and you can pay the rest in cash or by transfer.

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If you specify payment acceptance from the user's balance in the form, then once a day the user can pay the full or partial cost of your services.after payment, the button for transferring money to your balance disappears until 00 hours of the next day. Thus, 1 user per day can pay for services through the site and you attract additional attention of site users and get more customers.

How to negotiate a transfer

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, request a transfer when meeting with your client and in your presence. After the transfer, you will receive an email notification about the successful operation, but the transfer button will be available to the user if someone has not previously transferred it to you on the same day.

If I don't need it

If you already have enough money on your balance and you need to pay in cash or you simply do not need it anymore, in the edit form or in the my forms section, in the column (accepting payment from the user's balance), put NO and do not forget to click save.

Where you can spend the received bunnies

You can spend these bunnies on any type of advertising on our site (questionnaire, salon advertising).

Can I cash out money from the site's balance

Yes, you can write a message to the administrator, specify the amount and details for the transfer.

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